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#225 duplicate Prefs page needs test bob Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker

There are currently no tests to make sure that the prefs page reflects the contents of the user's prefs cookie.

#81 wontfix Make "Category" and "Locale" prefixes in autogenerated nodes optional or customisable grimoire

I believe that having "Category" and "Locale" prefixed to the name of a node is redundant and counterintuitive for users. A node is a category if it is in category Category, and a locale if it is in category Locale. Also, my Guide is becoming full of redirects from Locale Foo to Foo, and Category Bar to Bar (and occasionally from both Locale Foo and Category Foo to Foo).

Several places in the OpenGuides code seem to require that locales and categories have node names prefixed with this information, so it's easier said than done, sadly.

#82 fixed Search link from Kake's article to london is broken Earle Martin grimoire

While reading Kake's OpenGuides article, I tried clicking the link for "find me everything within half a kilometre of Piccadilly Circus Tube station". At the time of creating this ticket, it doesn't work, presumably because the names of the CGI parameters have changed. This is mildly embarrasing.

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