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#260 fixed Character encoding is not specified for RDF content Nobody inigo

The XML version declaration is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

for the RDF - so the character encoding will default to UTF-8. This is not correct for sites that are using ISO-8859-1.

#259 invalid Data validation/correction in databases Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

Various bits of data validation have been missing in OpenGuides for a long time. Some of them have now been fixed but some junk data will still be in databases. Need to identify all these cases and orchestrate a fix as part of a Wiki::Toolkit schema upgrade (if possible) or if not, with a standalone script.

#258 duplicate New macro for number of items in a particular category or locale Kake kake

Something like this:

This guide currently covers @ARTICLE_COUNT Category Pubs? pubs.

which would come out as

This guide currently covers 435 pubs.

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