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#15 fixed Category/locale links in metadata behave differently to normal links Dominic Hargreaves Earle Martin

Fri May 27 08:51:32 2005 EMARTIN - Ticket created [Reply] [Comment]

Subject: Category/locale links in metadata behave differently to normal links

At present any categories or locales displayed in a node's metadata appear as links whether they exist or not. This is different to how normal links work.

E.g. for "Locale Whatever" which does not exist (slashes in example indicate a link):

in metadata: /Locale Whatever/ in page: Locale Whatever/?/

If a locale/category does not exist, it should be displayed in the metadata with a question mark. This way some feedback would be provided as to whether the "right" category or locale has been entered at edit time and reduce the creation of redundant categories.

#260 fixed Character encoding is not specified for RDF content Nobody inigo

The XML version declaration is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

for the RDF - so the character encoding will default to UTF-8. This is not correct for sites that are using ISO-8859-1.

#146 duplicate Character set needs defining Dominic Hargreaves cds

The default template set doesn't include a character set/language definition, this potentially causes words such as café to show up strangely.

An alternative would be to subst. special characters for their HTML entity, but this would be a less simple solution.

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