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#114 fixed Spaces in URLs should be transliterated to underscores Nobody Earle Martin

wiki.cgi should transliterate spaces (%20) in CGI arguments to underscores. This will allow users to type in page names directly, fast.

I certainly do direct URL entry in the course of admin duties: just now I pasted in "Southgate Symphony Orchestra" and got , which doesn't work; it should have become .

#121 wontfix Add mapstraction support to OpenGuides Nobody Ivor Williams


I think this is a good idea, as it will avoid locking us in to Google.

#122 duplicate Bulk delete Nobody Ivor Williams

Dealing with spam one page at a time is tedious.

This change is to add deletion checkboxes to page list outputs (recent changes and search), with a submit button "Delete".

This will result in deleting the single version of the page, or deleting the whole page if deleting version 1 is requested.

The admin password is of course needed.

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