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#40 duplicate Metadata for other guides/reviews Nobody Dominic Hargreaves


Dom: Perhaps we need specific metadata entries for URLs to other guides/reviews?

  • Could do, yes — I mainly worry about making the edit form overcomplex and huge. But this is something the RDF people are interested in, so I'll probably add it. --Kake
#41 fixed Improvements to wanted pages Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves


James: How about offering the wanted pages ordered by the number of times they are wanted as well as by alphabetical ordering?

  • Oh, nice idea. That'll require a patch to CGI::Wiki, so I'll have a think about it. --Kake
  • Might also be nice to replicate Wanted Nodes as a special case in OpenGuides. --Dom
  • Replicate how? --Kake
  • I explained myself badly. What I mean is that Wanted Nodes should be a "special" page in OpenGuides, such that it is a place people can submit names of things they want to be added to the guide, and it would be automatically included in the Wanted Pages page, and automatically deleted from both pages when the node exists. In fact, it's probably not that important to even have a list of the pages people have "manually" requested; it would just be a case of having a special case for the "backlink". I hope that makes slightly more sense. --Dom
#42 fixed "About" output Earle Martin Earle Martin

There should be an "action=about" method in wiki.cgi that produces an "About this guide" page, with information about the OpenGuides install (version number, logo, link to website, etc). I figure a link to this could replace the standard OpenGuides link at the bottom of every page.

There should also be a link on that page to "action=about;format=rdf" which would produce DOAP output about the software.

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