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#267 fixed previous search result link broken Nobody bob

previous search result link is broken on search results page. It only passes the search term and next number. When it should pass geodata as well.

patch attached. tested on rgl

#266 wontfix Using URI::Find rather than Data::Validate::URI Nobody Dominic Hargreaves
13:53 <@Kake> Could we not use URI::Find (which is already in our prereqs via the Usemod formatter) instead of Data::Validate::URI?
#264 wontfix Wiki::Toolkit:RSS::Reader do we want it in openguides. Nobody bob

Wiki::Toolkit:RSS::Reader and its dependencies provide a lot of the pain for a successful install from CPAN. it does very little in Openguides and indeed all the tests pass if you remove what little it does, what functionality it does proivide breaks easily anyway.

So there are 3 choices:-

1) remove it 2) rewrite it to be less of a pianful install 3) actually use the modules it pulls in elsewhere. i think were probably handcrafting rss feeds currently.

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