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#122 duplicate Bulk delete Nobody Ivor Williams

Dealing with spam one page at a time is tedious.

This change is to add deletion checkboxes to page list outputs (recent changes and search), with a submit button "Delete".

This will result in deleting the single version of the page, or deleting the whole page if deleting version 1 is requested.

The admin password is of course needed.

#232 worksforme Can't locate OpenGuides/ Dominic Hargreaves Dominic Hargreaves


This happened with 0.61:

# running Build.PL

Beginning install process... if you already have an OpenGuides
configuration file and you don't want to have to type in all your config
parameters over again, abort this process now, copy that file to this
directory, and start again.

Continue with install? [y ]
No existing configuration file found; assuming this is a new install.
See the message above if this isn't correct.

Skip OpenGuides configuration? [n ]y
Skipping OpenGuides configuration - any configuration options previously
saved will be used instead. You may tweak your configuration now by
editing the 'wiki.conf' file produced by this script.
Checking whether your kit is complete...
Looks good

Checking prerequisites...
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Categoriser is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::Atom is not installed
- ERROR: Plucene is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::RSS::Reader is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Diff is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Locator::Grid is not installed
- ERROR: Geography::NationalGrid is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::RSS is not installed
- ERROR: Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::UseMod is not installed
* Optional prerequisite Test::HTML::Content is not installed
* Optional prerequisite Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Ping is not installed
* Optional prerequisite Geo::HelmertTransform is not installed

of the modules indicated above before proceeding with this installation

Creating new 'Build' script for 'OpenGuides' version '0.61'
Can't locate OpenGuides/ in @INC (@INC contains: _build/lib
.) at Makefile.PL line 30.
#165 fixed Can't specify db port in OpenGuides::Config Dominic Hargreaves Earle Martin

OpenGuides::Config doesn't allow specification of a port for the db server. This breaks any installations using a non-default port, including London's due to the port being changed during a PostgreSQL upgrade!

I've written upstream patches for CGI::Wiki::Toolkit::Store::Database as the first stage for this - see .

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