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#154 fixed JSON support Nobody perigrin

I have created a patch to support JSON output similar to how OpenGuides does RDF output (actually nearly identical since I copied Hex's RDF stuff). But the code is against an older version of the guide and could be usefully added to nik's newer output format stuff.

#155 wontfix Nicer 404 URLs Dominic Hargreaves perigrin

Saint Paul urls haven't been very static. So I created a 404 script to make things nicer for when people go astray. I figured it might be useful to someone else so I cleaned it up a bit.

#229 duplicate Allow miles in search by distance Nobody perigrin

I've been back in the states long enough now that search for everything within X [kilo]meters of long/lat doesn't quite grok as well as it did when I was in Europe.

Someone should look into making this at least accept "standard" units as well as metric.

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