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#310 duplicate Validate lat/long for leaflet API Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

If leaflet is passed invalid lat/longs (eg, as existed one one my guides, -00.174833) the javascript throws an error; at least if passed in as min_long, eg in action=index;format=map. This can result in the "Sorry, javascript not enabled" even though it is. Values should be validated on input and before passing to the leaflet library.

#309 duplicate Support locally-installed third party javascript/css Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

Currently OpenGuides seems to depend on the following external sites for various functionality:

I don't particularly want to go down the route of bundling these directly, but it would be nice to support replacing each of these with different URLs (for example jquery is packaged separately in Debian so could be served up by the same system as openguides is installed in without much trouble). This would enable OpenGuides to be used on closed networks, and to be less exposed to the third-party risks.

#308 duplicate De-emphasize Nobody Dominic Hargreaves

The POD still mentions as the first and biggest site. This isn't really relevant nowadays. May I suggest as an exemplar site instead?

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