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#130 &ndash oddness on Oxford? new Nobody defect
#265 Akismet plugin should submit a diff to akismet new Dominic Hargreaves defect
#274 Page-related links don't work for entries with special (non-ASCII?) characters in the name new Dominic Hargreaves defect
#280 Add quick links to categories in sidebar new Dominic Hargreaves defect
#282 Geo::Coordinates::OSGB will need to be packaged for debian new Dominic Hargreaves defect debian-packages
#59 Design improvements new Nobody enhancement
#64 Magical portal system new Nobody enhancement website
#161 dbconfig-common/webapps-common assigned Dominic Hargreaves enhancement debian-packages
#126 Duplicate auto-create? new Nobody task
#149 Add streetmap linking back in assigned Dominic Hargreaves task
#194 Use oxfordmaps photos where possible assigned Dominic Hargreaves task
#273 Batch validation/correction of fields new Dominic Hargreaves task
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