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(edit) @1462   9 years bob merge in stuff from 0.71 release branch
(edit) @1451   9 years Dominic Hargreaves Respect destdir when initialising database; also protect against …
(edit) @1450   9 years Dominic Hargreaves Use mkpath to create the custom template directory rather than mkdir, …
(edit) @1449   9 years Dominic Hargreaves Respect destdir when installing scripts, templates, etc
(edit) @1448   9 years Dominic Hargreaves Work around a "No such method textContent" bug in Test::HTML::Content …
(edit) @1447   9 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix several test failures triggered by the stricter …
(edit) @1446   9 years kake Added scale to category/locale index maps.
(edit) @1441   9 years bob merge of release changes for 0.70
(edit) @1436   9 years kake Updated to version 0.4 of Leaflet.
(edit) @1435   9 years kake Added new allowed elements (fixes #303), changed external link …
(edit) @1434   9 years kake Implemented new @INDEX_LIST_NO_PREFIX macro.
(edit) @1433   9 years kake Added meta descriptions to headers of map and list index pages.
(edit) @1432   9 years kake Updated URLs for Leaflet JavaScript? and CSS.
(edit) @1431   9 years kake Made the popups on the maps actually join up with the pointers.
(edit) @1427   9 years bob merge in changes from the 0.69 release branch
(edit) @1422   9 years kake Forgot to update Changes file for [1421].
(edit) @1421   9 years kake Split out 'plot nodes on map' code, added map display to missing …
(edit) @1420   9 years kake Added missing bit that should have gone in commit [1419].
(edit) @1419   9 years kake Factor out thing that works out min/max/centre lat/long to …
(edit) @1418   9 years kake Added more options to the 'missing metadata' dropdown (fixes #294).
(edit) @1417   9 years kake Use TT logic, not JavaScript?, to make choice persistent in 'missing …
(edit) @1416   9 years kake Removed tabs, fixed indentation.
(edit) @1415   9 years kake Fix grammar in comment.
(edit) @1413   9 years kake Fixed a JavaScript? escaping issue for nodes with apostrophes in names.
(edit) @1412   9 years kake The output of the "show_missing_metadata" action is now alphabetised.
(edit) @1411   9 years bob bump version number for next release
(edit) @1410   9 years bob merge in 0.68 release branch
(edit) @1405   9 years kake Fixed bug with POST redirection introduced in [1315].
(edit) @1404   9 years kake Fixed indentation in footer template.
(edit) @1403   9 years kake Fixed node maps (that I broke in [1399]).
(edit) @1402   9 years kake Add try/catch thing to stop error for people who have Google Analytics …
(edit) @1401   9 years kake Made preferences default to never expiring.
(edit) @1400   9 years kake Removed unused, non-working JavaScript? for picking categories/locales.
(edit) @1399   9 years kake Make sure map is centred and zoomed properly when there's only one …
(edit) @1396   9 years bob use spaces not tabs
(edit) @1395   9 years bob merge changes from release branch
(edit) @1390   9 years bob fix meta information so a dist can be created.
(edit) @1389   9 years bob update Changes with change for #298
(edit) @1388   9 years bob move setting no value if undef into the lc() fixes #298
(edit) @1387   9 years kake Added message in place of map for people without JavaScript?.
(edit) @1386   9 years kake Fixed <title> on map index.
(edit) @1385   9 years kake Use fitBounds to do map index zoom; also, only load OSM layer by …
(edit) @1384   9 years bob add OpenGuides::Build and OpenGuides::JSON. reorder to be alphabetical
(edit) @1383   9 years bob test we can use OpenGuides::Test. Since the other tests need it.
(edit) @1382   9 years bob renumber tests and a test template. Update MANIFEST to reflect this. …
(edit) @1381   9 years bob Documented AUTOMATED_TESTING change to Build.PL in Changes
(edit) @1380   9 years kake Documented changes from [1378] and put correct Wiki::Toolkit version …
(edit) @1379   9 years kake Omit HTTP headers in various tests in order to avoid HTML parser …
(edit) @1378   9 years kake Made recent changes work properly when minor edits not shown (fixes #270).
(edit) @1377   9 years kake Made the prefs page return the user to the place they came from (fixes …
(edit) @1376   9 years kake Moved preferences form display from preferences.cgi into
(edit) @1375   9 years kake Added a few more CSS hooks to the edit form, also added anchor link to …
(edit) @1374   9 years kake And strip trailing / from displayed websites when it's the only / in …
(edit) @1373   9 years kake Also strip the http:// and any leading www. from the truncated website …
(edit) @1372   9 years kake Made website truncation a bit more intelligent.
(edit) @1371   9 years kake Added JSON output for the preferences page (fixes #293).
(edit) @1370   9 years kake Make sure node image shows up on edit preview.
(edit) @1369   9 years bob Skip configuration question is AUTOMATED_TESTING=1. closes #291
(edit) @1368   9 years kake Make sure IP address is always shown for anonymous edits; also, don't …
(edit) @1367   9 years kake Made navbar search form do GET instead of POST.
(edit) @1366   9 years kake Stopped spurious 'score' output for non-scored search results.
(edit) @1365   9 years kake Added another link to current version on historical display of nodes …
(edit) @1364   9 years kake Don't show IP addresses on recent changes unless the user has the …
(edit) @1363   10 years kake Made categories with numbers in sort correctly (not entirely sure why …
(edit) @1362   10 years kake Test new ->show_index() parameters, not old ones (since we already …
(edit) @1361   10 years kake Fixed capitalisation in map view.
(edit) @1360   10 years kake Don't add address to the map popup unless we actually have one.
(edit) @1359   10 years kake Added links to edit form, for viewing all categories/locales.
(edit) @1358   10 years kake Use Template::Plugin::JSON::Escape instead of Template::Plugin::JSON …
(edit) @1357   10 years kake Bump version in wiki.cgi
(edit) @1356   10 years kake Added OSM layer as well as MapQuest? one.
(edit) @1355   10 years kake Added a start at a form for indexing via locale+category.
(edit) @1354   10 years kake Provide links between map and list version of action=index
(edit) @1353   10 years kake Don't skip tests we don't have to.
(edit) @1352   10 years kake Skip the right number of tests.
(edit) @1351   10 years kake Move feed_base construction from into so …
(edit) @1350   10 years kake Fixed the JSON output for action=index
(edit) @1349   10 years bob added test files to MANIFEST. added css file to MANIFEST
(edit) @1348   10 years kake Use the basic OpenGuides stylesheet if they don't supply a URL in …
(edit) @1347   10 years kake Style/design tweaks.
(edit) @1346   10 years kake Moved some styling into basic stylesheet.
(edit) @1345   10 years kake Added address and node link to Leaflet map popups.
(edit) @1344   10 years kake Deal with case where there are no nodes to display on map.
(edit) @1343   10 years kake Documented switch to Leaflet.
(edit) @1342   10 years kake Added support for indexing on category and locale at the same time.
(edit) @1341   10 years bob Updated Changes to add work done for #285
(edit) @1340   10 years bob Added project metadata to Build.PL. See #285
(edit) @1339   10 years kake Switched to new form of parameters for action=index - this will let us …
(edit) @1338   10 years kake Made the backlinks_in_title config variable actually work.
(edit) @1337   10 years kake Fixed warning I introduced in [1336].
(edit) @1336   10 years kake Added support for using Leaflet instead of the Google Maps API.
(edit) @1335   10 years bob escape an end tag in JS . So Test::HTML::content will shut up. closes #262
(edit) @1334   10 years bob remove warnings caused havign more mys than we need now.
(edit) @1333   10 years bob more tests for recent changes
(edit) @1328   10 years bob merge 0.66 release branch
(edit) @1318   10 years kake Added documentation of my previous commit to the Changes file.
(edit) @1317   10 years kake Fixed bug where missing metadata search was picking up redirect pages.
(edit) @1316   10 years kake Skip the right number of tests.
(edit) @1315   10 years kake Added code to deal with node name parameters in URLs having spaces …
(edit) @1314   10 years kake Fixed some line lengths.
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