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(edit) @1036   14 years kake Added an extra "edit this page" link next to the node name.
(edit) @988   15 years nick Put Kake's navbar changes back, but in a way that still allows you to …
(edit) @972   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Revert common category/locale stuff for the time being pending …
(edit) @962   15 years kake Add config option to place content above navbar in HTML.
(edit) @951   15 years kake Move common categories/locales into navbar.
(edit) @867   15 years Dominic Hargreaves &/& -> ;
(edit) @844   15 years nick Support the optional common categories and locales. Closes #134
(edit) @831   15 years nick Tweak display of un-moderated pages, and listings of them
(edit) @811   15 years nick Microformat fun - support hCard, hReview and geo microformats where …
(edit) @730   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add initial google maps support, see #46 but this isn't yet a complete …
(edit) @716   16 years Earle Martin Renaming OpenGuides::SuperSearch? to OpenGuides::Search and …
(edit) @715   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Syntactical fix to (fixes #31)
(edit) @712   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add custom_node content in (fixes #20)
(edit) @710   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Missing bracket.
(edit) @699   16 years Earle Martin new "make this node?" message
(edit) @691   16 years Earle Martin fix RT #8852 (missing OS IE X/Y coords)
(edit) @678   16 years Earle Martin Change the behaviour of the "redirected" message to link to a rendered …
(edit) @675   16 years Earle Martin Replace underscores in node names in redirection message with spaces.
(edit) @634   16 years Earle Martin fix RDF test failures; new redirection message
(edit) @617   17 years Dominic Hargreaves New css id maincontent, and misc template bugfixes
(edit) @602   17 years kake Fixed a couple of bugs to do with nodes with only one version - …
(edit) @581   17 years kake Add span.node_name class for inline non-hyperlink references to node names.
(edit) @559   17 years kake Huge-ass pile of changes to make geo stuff work worldwide.
(edit) @557   17 years kake Fixed some validation errors.
(edit) @547   17 years kake Fix bugs with latlong representation.
(edit) @545   17 years kake Fix bug - need to disambiguate the two 'distance' fields on the …
(edit) @531   17 years Earle Martin remove dependency on CGI::Wiki::Plugin::GeoCache?
(edit) @523   17 years kake Use supersearch.cgi instead of find_within_distance action.
(edit) @522   17 years kake Label locale/category RSS feeds as such rather than 'feed for this node'
(edit) @514   17 years kake More semantic markup for metadata display.
(edit) @508   17 years kake Added newline to end of file.
(edit) @491   17 years kake Tidying RSS link.
(edit) @490   17 years kake RSS feeds for contributors, locales and categories.
(edit) @435   17 years Earle Martin diff link for node view
(edit) @353   17 years Earle Martin minor whitespace addition
(edit) @339   18 years Earle Martin Summaries for all tables and labels for all input elements to meet …
(edit) @311   18 years kake Tweaks to stop tests warning on 5.8.2
(edit) @289   18 years Earle Martin Small tweaks to appearance.
(edit) @288   18 years Earle Martin Overhauled all templates for consistency; added new banner template; …
(edit) @279   18 years Dominic Hargreaves HTML validation bugfixes.
(edit) @181   18 years Earle Martin Fixed nesting for <div>s in, and
(edit) @159   18 years kake Added a class to every form submit button
(edit) @116   18 years kake Added subtemplate, made the preview use it as …
(edit) @88   18 years kake Fixed the hardcoded 'wiki.cgi'
(edit) @77   19 years kake Finished the separation of locales from categories - had half been …
(edit) @23   19 years Ivor Williams Change to use search script
(edit) @15   19 years kake Merged in Earle's template changes
(edit) @12   19 years kake OK, we're going back to using OS co-ords for ease of 'find nearest'
(edit) @8   19 years kake Use lat/long instead of OS co-ords, use conf file instead of hardcoded …
(add) @2   19 years kake Initial revision
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