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(edit) @628   17 years Dominic Hargreaves update navbar with earle's changes
(edit) @557   17 years kake Fixed some validation errors.
(edit) @542   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix suppression of edit link on index nodes.
(edit) @537   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix broken navbar introduced in previous revision.
(edit) @533   17 years Earle Martin remove dependency on CGI::Wiki::Plugin::GeoCache?
(edit) @496   17 years kake Backlinks link in navbar.
(edit) @401   17 years kake Added ability to search by distance from an arbitrary point specified …
(edit) @397   17 years kake A little whitespace so we can see what we're doing.
(edit) @396   17 years kake Move search form inside a navbar_item <div> - going to add an …
(edit) @343   18 years Earle Martin Add JavaScript? to clear search boxes when you click into them
(edit) @339   18 years Earle Martin Summaries for all tables and labels for all input elements to meet …
(edit) @288   18 years Earle Martin Overhauled all templates for consistency; added new banner template; …
(edit) @217   18 years Earle Martin Added conditional to prevent "Edit this page" apppearing on category …
(edit) @191   18 years kake Use class="toolbar" not id="toolbar" so inheritance works
(edit) @190   18 years kake Added preferences option for including or excluding text formatting …
(edit) @178   18 years Earle Martin Removed old commented-out HTML from navbar, added LINK REL for RDF to …
(edit) @166   19 years kake More fixes for blank script_name
(edit) @164   19 years kake Fixed bug noticed by Dom Hargreaves - website metadata wasn't making …
(edit) @154   19 years kake Added newpage.cgi
(edit) @52   19 years kake username.cgi is now preferences.cgi and sets preference for including …
(edit) @49   19 years Earle Martin added conditional for geocache link
(edit) @48   19 years Earle Martin added geocache link
(edit) @37   19 years kake Call username.cgi from the Preferences menu link
(edit) @23   19 years Ivor Williams Change to use search script
(edit) @15   19 years kake Merged in Earle's template changes
(add) @2   19 years kake Initial revision
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