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(edit) @937   15 years kake Let people add name of copyright holder, licence URL, and info page …
(edit) @885   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Link image to website and fix TABs (paulm)
(edit) @849   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Tidies up various template bugs (closes #132, #133)
(edit) @843   15 years nick Display the node image if there is one, or an empty span if not. …
(edit) @811   15 years nick Microformat fun - support hCard, hReview and geo microformats where …
(edit) @644   17 years Earle Martin note to user
(edit) @643   17 years Earle Martin don't show city in metadata
(edit) @642   17 years Earle Martin locales plural
(edit) @641   17 years Earle Martin replace '/' with ',' in display of locales and categories
(edit) @639   17 years Earle Martin bring address display into line with London templates; show city after …
(edit) @566   17 years Earle Martin Give categories and locales their own separate list
(edit) @516   17 years kake Fixed bug
(edit) @514   17 years kake More semantic markup for metadata display.
(edit) @508   17 years kake Added newline to end of file.
(edit) @366   17 years kake Fix template bug - map link wasn't showing up when there was no …
(edit) @288   18 years Earle Martin Overhauled all templates for consistency; added new banner template; …
(edit) @163   19 years kake Add metadata field for map link
(edit) @104   19 years kake RDF/XML link for a node is now to wiki.cgi?id=Node_Name;format=rdf
(edit) @88   19 years kake Fixed the hardcoded 'wiki.cgi'
(edit) @71   19 years kake Fixed bug with website URLs being escaped in a better way - wikiformat …
(edit) @46   19 years Earle Martin fixed non-display of lat/long
(edit) @16   19 years kake Threw away the ChefMoz? RSS
(add) @15   19 years kake Merged in Earle's template changes
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