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(edit) @587   17 years kake Encapsulate config data in OpenGuides::Config.
(edit) @586   17 years kake Fixed distance search paging bug.
(edit) @584   17 years kake Fix bug with diff display on nodes containing macros.
(edit) @581   17 years kake Add span.node_name class for inline non-hyperlink references to node names.
(edit) @579   17 years kake Update UTM edit form label tests in line with code changes.
(edit) @567   17 years kake Make sure second write works.
(edit) @565   17 years kake Take out some more common testing code into OpenGuides::Test - …
(edit) @562   17 years kake Pull out common testing code into OpenGuides::Test
(edit) @560   17 years kake Don't let nodes get written with blank os_x fields (etc).
(edit) @559   17 years kake Huge-ass pile of changes to make geo stuff work worldwide.
(edit) @555   17 years kake Fixed bug relating to lat/long representation in dms.
(edit) @552   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Disable some tests unless plucene is enabled. Default to plucene on …
(edit) @550   17 years kake Move RSS stuff to, add some tests.
(edit) @547   17 years kake Fix bugs with latlong representation.
(edit) @546   17 years kake Fixed bug where search results page was slightly ambiguous when no …
(edit) @545   17 years kake Fix bug - need to disambiguate the two 'distance' fields on the …
(edit) @543   17 years kake Search efficiency fixes.
(edit) @541   17 years kake More tests for the supersearch.
(edit) @535   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Fixed up test broken by earle with lib/OpenGuides/ change.
(edit) @527   17 years kake Fixed bug with paging on distance-only search (reported by Bob …
(edit) @509   17 years kake @INDEX_LIST macro
(edit) @473   17 years kake Changes since
(edit) @472   17 years kake Add expiry option to prefs.
(edit) @469   17 years kake Added option of using Plucene for searching.
(edit) @468   17 years kake Avoid bogus uninitialised value warning.
(edit) @463   17 years kake Shonky kludge to push exact phrase matches higher up the search …
(edit) @461   17 years kake Only redirect on single hit if title is sufficiently good match.
(edit) @457   17 years kake Two matches in the title beats one match in the title and one in the …
(edit) @456   17 years kake Search improvements, bugfix, better rankings.
(edit) @453   17 years kake Tidied.
(edit) @452   17 years kake Require 2.92 to avoid escapeHTML bug.
(edit) @451   17 years kake Fixed bug with links in historic view.
(edit) @450   17 years kake Make sure we have a clear db before starting.
(edit) @445   17 years kake Fixed bug in diff view - versions are the right way round now!
(edit) @440   17 years kake Fixed HTML escaping bug, added test.
(edit) @427   17 years kake No more pubcrawl.
(edit) @414   17 years kake Added preference for default edit type.
(edit) @406   18 years kake Allow OS coords as input to distance search.
(edit) @402   18 years kake Fixed bug - searching on distance with search text of whitespace …
(edit) @401   18 years kake Added ability to search by distance from an arbitrary point specified …
(edit) @393   18 years kake Fix bugs with URLs and <title> in category/locale index.
(edit) @392   18 years kake Fix redirect bug.
(edit) @387   18 years kake Avoid bogus test failure with old
(edit) @385   18 years kake Remove hardcoding of home node name from ->display_node, write tests.
(edit) @384   18 years kake Fixed issue with multiple test runs not clearing out search indexes.
(edit) @380   18 years kake Ensure RDF has content-type of text/plain.
(edit) @379   18 years kake Fixed bug in show_index.
(edit) @378   18 years kake 'Fixed' bogus test failure.
(edit) @377   18 years kake New test added since I found a bug.
(edit) @366   18 years kake Fix template bug - map link wasn't showing up when there was no …
(edit) @363   18 years kake A start at moving code from wiki.cgi into
(edit) @361   18 years kake Test overhaul - no longer require database access info.
(edit) @349   18 years Ivor Williams Diff change - use CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff not OpenGuides::Diff
(edit) @324   18 years Earle Martin update for improvements
(edit) @311   18 years kake Tweaks to stop tests warning on 5.8.2
(edit) @309   18 years kake Page deletion must now be explicitly enabled in wiki.conf. Added some …
(edit) @302   18 years Earle Martin Updated for new help links option.
(edit) @283   18 years kake Not used.
(edit) @274   18 years Ivor Williams Change NOT search syntax to use '-' instead of '!'.
(edit) @269   18 years Ivor Williams Diff now includes trailing punctuation and space in each word when …
(edit) @267   18 years Ivor Williams Allowed return_tt_vars to process single match response. Amended …
(edit) @259   18 years Ivor Williams Fixed NOT search. Refactored prime_wikitext to work as originally …
(edit) @257   18 years Ivor Williams Add more tests, title with apostrophe: Penderel's Oak Multi word …
(edit) @255   18 years Ivor Williams Apply changes for new syntax: ' ' => AND
(edit) @254   18 years Ivor Williams New google style grammar. ' ' and ',' or …
(edit) @251   18 years kake Fixed bug that had the supersearch results page offering an edit link.
(edit) @243   18 years kake OK, we need CGI::Wiki 0.49 for proper case-insensitivity.
(edit) @242   18 years kake Case-insensitivity tests were passing when they shouldn't have been - …
(edit) @240   18 years kake Search box now searches categories and locales as well as title and body.
(edit) @232   18 years kake Strip whitespace from OS co-ords before storing in database.
(edit) @231   18 years kake 0.24 Fix to recent changes so minor changes don't mask major …
(edit) @230   18 years kake 0.23 4 August 2003 Removed the "POST_CHOMP" option as it …
(edit) @226   18 years kake Added openguides_version template variable and added it to page footer …
(edit) @215   18 years kake Added munge_urls parameter for newer versions of …
(edit) @197   18 years kake Prefs option to show minor changes
(edit) @190   18 years kake Added preferences option for including or excluding text formatting …
(edit) @180   18 years kake Optional titles on index links
(edit) @179   18 years kake Extra checks that script_url ends in a '/'
(edit) @174   19 years kake Fixed OpenGuides::Utils to take note of dbhost. Bumped version number.
(edit) @173   19 years kake Bumped OpenGuides::Diff version, added a test
(edit) @171   19 years kake Added preferences option of displaying lat/long as deg-min-sec instead …
(edit) @166   19 years kake More fixes for blank script_name
(edit) @161   19 years kake 0.13 17 May 2003 Added some more stylesheet hooks. …
(edit) @156   19 years kake 0.12 14 May 2003 Added OpenGuides::CGI to manage cookies …
(edit) @143   19 years kake Moved node_name and node_param generation from process_template into …
(edit) @142   19 years kake Made a start at pulling the Template Toolkit stuff out into a module
(edit) @126   19 years kake Added make_recentchanges_rss to OpenGuides::RDF
(edit) @124   19 years kake Pass config object to OpenGuides::RDF instead of setting everything up …
(edit) @118   19 years kake New OpenGuides::Utils module
(edit) @114   19 years kake PubCrawl?.pm now uses CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Categoriser
(edit) @112   19 years kake Add PubCrawl? module and tests
(edit) @110   19 years kake Renamed test
(edit) @106   19 years kake Made RDF output for node be encoding-agnostic
(edit) @101   19 years kake OpenGuides::RDF can cope with being called on nonexistent nodes now
(add) @34   19 years kake Moved RDF/XML files into this module from cgi-wiki-plugin-chefmoz, …
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