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(edit) @1031   15 years kake Omit footer search form from edit form.
(edit) @1027   15 years kake Added category and locale parameters to action=random and made a new …
(edit) @1026   15 years kake Fixed bug in OpenGuides::Feed - HTML equivalent link now works even if …
(edit) @1024   15 years kake Fix to [1023] - I misunderstood how the format parameter should be …
(edit) @1023   15 years kake Added format => "raw" option to OpenGuides::Search->run to let you get …
(edit) @1016   15 years kake Move node RDF generation from inline strings in OpenGuides::RDF to its …
(edit) @1015   15 years kake Add config options to let admins omit category and/or locale pages …
(edit) @1014   15 years kake Move random page functionality from wiki.cgi into and …
(edit) @1005   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Better fix for previous issue, to take account of distribution.
(edit) @1004   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Put transient templates in tmp/ and have that automatically be cleaned …
(edit) @997   15 years nick Add test for revert user stuff
(edit) @996   15 years kake Fix test failure on machines with XML::LibXML installed.
(edit) @990   15 years kake Strip leading/trailing whitespace from node_image fields before …
(edit) @969   15 years kake Apply content_above_navbar_in_html content option to Recent Changes …
(edit) @967   15 years kake Add tests that I forgot to add to svn! (Thanks Bob.)
(edit) @964   15 years kake Add test for navbar stuff that should have gone into [962].
(edit) @959   15 years kake Fix up test 70 so it doesn't occasionally fail when writing of test …
(edit) @958   15 years Earle Martin Add detailed DBD::SQLite error reporting to a couple of places where …
(edit) @957   15 years Earle Martin Remove duplicate test plans.
(edit) @956   15 years Earle Martin Complete transition to using skip_all (remove old SKIP blocks). More …
(edit) @954   15 years Earle Martin Revert test counts to correct figure.
(edit) @953   15 years kake Add config option to suppress inline maps on geotagged nodes (#188). …
(edit) @949   15 years Earle Martin Use skip_all for tests relying entirely on SQLite, instead of issuing …
(edit) @947   15 years Earle Martin Update test count.
(edit) @946   15 years Earle Martin Add SQLite eval check; was failing if it wasn't installed.
(edit) @945   15 years Earle Martin Update skip count to correct figure.
(edit) @944   15 years Earle Martin Fix warnings about redeclared variables.
(edit) @943   15 years Earle Martin Update test count to fix unexpected successes.
(edit) @941   15 years kake Add config option to omit recent changes from home page (ticket #187).
(edit) @939   15 years kake Stop tests dying when Test::HTML::Content not installed (ticket #186).
(edit) @938   15 years kake Whoops, forgot to add tests to manifest/svn.
(edit) @933   15 years kake Add MAP_LINK and INCLUDE_NODE macros (ticket #100).
(edit) @930   15 years kake Allow Guide admins to control the content of autocreated nodes (#47).
(edit) @929   15 years kake Add t/42_edit_conflict.t - should have gone into reviesion 928.
(edit) @927   15 years kake closes 178, Make sure that autocreated category nodes with hyphens in …
(edit) @925   15 years kake Make sure we warn instead of dying if a guide asks for ping services …
(edit) @924   15 years kake If we haven't got DBD::SQLite, skip all tests from the start, rather …
(edit) @907   15 years Earle Martin Report Config::Tiny errors - closes #109. Now croaks if specified …
(edit) @903   15 years nick Pass the output encoding to the wiki toolkit feeds stuff
(edit) @899   15 years nick Add in skips if no Helmert Transform provider is found
(edit) @898   15 years nick Include the charset in the feeds, as we do with the pages
(edit) @896   15 years nick Give a useful message if we try and set moderation on an unknown node
(edit) @892   15 years sheldon Shouldn't test for "302 Moved", "302" is more robust.
(edit) @884   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Escape ? in regex (from paulm)
(edit) @878   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Compile time fixes.
(edit) @874   15 years nick Add ping support
(edit) @872   15 years nick Do the wgs84 convertion for the google maps page. Add tests for this …
(edit) @871   15 years nick Get the right URL in the test
(edit) @870   15 years nick Support doing Helmert Transforms as required, using the MySociety?
(edit) @868   15 years nick Support the config flag http_charset, which sets a http charset header …
(edit) @847   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Minor warning fixes
(edit) @841   15 years nick Fix a typo, and support the node image for editing (but not yet display)
(edit) @833   15 years nick Finish moderation support
(edit) @832   15 years nick Add test for setting node moderation flag
(edit) @824   15 years nick Missing metadata support
(edit) @823   15 years nick Add tests for admin home page
(edit) @820   15 years nick Make it possible for a feed to override the default feed title and …
(edit) @818   15 years nick Support (+test) searching as a feed
(edit) @817   15 years nick Shift the content type method Add mini feed method Start to do urls, …
(edit) @814   15 years nick Support RSS and Atom for category and locale indicies, + test for this
(edit) @812   15 years nick Update the test for the new microformat templates
(edit) @808   15 years nick Check to ensure the feed type turns up in the feed (should spot when …
(edit) @804   16 years Dominic Hargreaves test fix for wiki::toolkit change (we won't be releasing quite yet then)
(edit) @797   16 years nick Proper test for committing nodes. Tests for the nodes_all_versions feeds
(edit) @796   16 years nick Rename to better reflect test purpose
(edit) @795   16 years nick Test both rss and atom feeds
(edit) @792   16 years nick Need to create the sqlite db, having trashed it
(edit) @790   16 years nick Pass the requested feed listing through all the feeds code, rather …
(edit) @786   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Test loading the Feed module.
(edit) @785   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Use Wiki::Toolkit. Note that CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff hasn't been …
(edit) @782   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix bug and release 0.54 (fixes #112)
(edit) @768   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix test broken by recent RDF changes.
(edit) @753   16 years Earle Martin New module, OpenGuides::Feed: this extracts the stuff formerly in …
(edit) @745   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Sigh, and the rest. References #66
(edit) @744   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Test fixup, references #66
(edit) @739   16 years Ivor Williams Closes #87 Editing a mirrored page now edits on source site
(edit) @738   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Further fix for 302 status change (references #88)
(edit) @737   16 years Ivor Williams Fixed #88 Redirect test can now cope with both 302 Moved and 302 Found
(edit) @731   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Couple of things missing from previous commit.
(edit) @730   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add initial google maps support, see #46 but this isn't yet a complete …
(edit) @726   16 years Earle Martin fixes #50
(edit) @724   16 years Earle Martin remove warning in test
(edit) @721   16 years Earle Martin fixes #51
(edit) @720   16 years Earle Martin finish fixing whitespace
(edit) @719   16 years Earle Martin fix whitespace
(edit) @718   16 years Earle Martin fixes #28
(edit) @717   16 years Earle Martin Sorry, I screwed up the last commit - tests pass now. This fixes bug #17.
(edit) @716   16 years Earle Martin Renaming OpenGuides::SuperSearch? to OpenGuides::Search and …
(edit) @683   16 years Earle Martin new "summary" metadata field
(edit) @663   16 years Dominic Hargreaves test fix
(edit) @651   16 years Earle Martin match to current template content
(edit) @637   17 years Earle Martin add owl:sameAs property to RDF versions of redirecting nodes
(edit) @634   17 years Earle Martin fix RDF test failures; new redirection message
(edit) @623   17 years Earle Martin remove redundant 'id=' from version-independent uri test
(edit) @616   17 years kake Skip the right number of tests.
(edit) @609   17 years kake Make default city/country be blank.
(edit) @607   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Allow configuration of external text formatting link
(edit) @603   17 years kake Oops, this should be in CVS.
(edit) @594   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Update tests so they pass without Plucene installed again (was …
(edit) @592   17 years kake Fixed bug that allowed autocreation of locales and categories with …
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