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(edit) @1032   14 years kake Remove eval of empty string (caused warnings when running tests).
(edit) @1027   14 years kake Added category and locale parameters to action=random and made a new …
(edit) @992   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Update some copyright notices
(edit) @963   15 years Earle Martin It's not called CGI::Wiki any more.
(edit) @948   15 years Earle Martin Add dbport configuration option.
(edit) @933   15 years kake Add MAP_LINK and INCLUDE_NODE macros (ticket #100).
(edit) @894   15 years nick Have a new config setting, dbencoding, which is pased onto wiki toolkit
(edit) @888   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Change mailing list address.
(edit) @877   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Geo::HelmertTransform? is now in CPAN, and required (closes #89)
(edit) @872   15 years nick Do the wgs84 convertion for the google maps page. Add tests for this …
(edit) @870   15 years nick Support doing Helmert Transforms as required, using the MySociety?
(edit) @867   15 years Dominic Hargreaves &/& -> ;
(edit) @785   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Use Wiki::Toolkit. Note that CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff hasn't been …
(edit) @730   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add initial google maps support, see #46 but this isn't yet a complete …
(edit) @717   16 years Earle Martin Sorry, I screwed up the last commit - tests pass now. This fixes bug #17.
(edit) @587   17 years kake Encapsulate config data in OpenGuides::Config.
(edit) @584   17 years kake Fix bug with diff display on nodes containing macros.
(edit) @578   17 years Dominic Hargreaves copyright updates.
(edit) @511   17 years kake Include description in RSS listings if provided.
(edit) @510   17 years kake Fixed RSS macro.
(edit) @509   17 years kake @INDEX_LIST macro
(edit) @469   17 years kake Added option of using Plucene for searching.
(edit) @360   17 years kake Removed bogus use lib line.
(edit) @348   17 years Earle Martin require CGI::Wiki::Plugin::RSS::Reader 1.2, also simply RSS macro name
(edit) @347   17 years Earle Martin New RSS feed-embedding macro.
(edit) @344   18 years Earle Martin remove newlines in searchbox macro output
(edit) @287   18 years kake Wee bit more documentation.
(edit) @286   18 years kake Wee bit more documentation.
(edit) @263   18 years kake Allow SQLite databases, fixed navbar prompt bug, bumped version number
(edit) @231   18 years kake 0.24 Fix to recent changes so minor changes don't mask major …
(edit) @210   18 years kake Compatibility for upcoming UseMod formatter change
(edit) @202   18 years kake Fixxored email addresses, bumped version number
(edit) @180   18 years kake Optional titles on index links
(edit) @174   18 years kake Fixed OpenGuides::Utils to take note of dbhost. Bumped version number.
(edit) @146   18 years kake Explicitly use URI::Escape
(add) @118   18 years kake New OpenGuides::Utils module
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