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(edit) @1037   14 years kake Added experimental support for local spam detection modules.
(edit) @1015   15 years kake Add config options to let admins omit category and/or locale pages …
(edit) @1003   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix uninitialized variable warning
(edit) @965   15 years kake Add Google Analytics support.
(edit) @962   15 years kake Add config option to place content above navbar in HTML.
(edit) @953   15 years kake Add config option to suppress inline maps on geotagged nodes (#188). …
(edit) @948   15 years Earle Martin Add dbport configuration option.
(edit) @941   15 years kake Add config option to omit recent changes from home page (ticket #187).
(edit) @911   15 years Earle Martin No need to concatenate, just interpolate.
(edit) @908   15 years Earle Martin Fix hashref bug introduced by last commit.
(edit) @907   15 years Earle Martin Report Config::Tiny errors - closes #109. Now croaks if specified …
(edit) @894   15 years nick Have a new config setting, dbencoding, which is pased onto wiki toolkit
(edit) @888   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Change mailing list address.
(edit) @886   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Allow a Google Maps URL to be pasted to provide the centre long,lat …
(edit) @874   15 years nick Add ping support
(edit) @868   15 years nick Support the config flag http_charset, which sets a http charset header …
(edit) @857   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Minor fixups
(edit) @841   15 years nick Fix a typo, and support the node image for editing (but not yet display)
(edit) @840   15 years nick New configuration options to support moderation, and tickets 134+135
(edit) @836   15 years nick Allow the option of moderating nodes without the password
(edit) @776   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add licence variables (closes #56)
(edit) @736   16 years Dominic Hargreaves More Google Maps tweaks.
(edit) @730   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Add initial google maps support, see #46 but this isn't yet a complete …
(edit) @662   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Non-existent config files aren't always an error.
(edit) @647   16 years Dominic Hargreaves copyright update
(edit) @621   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Use environment variable OPENGUIDES_CONFIG_FILE for config file …
(edit) @611   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Dev note about documentation
(edit) @609   17 years kake Make default city/country be blank.
(edit) @607   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Allow configuration of external text formatting link
(add) @587   17 years kake Encapsulate config data in OpenGuides::Config.
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