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(edit) @785   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Use Wiki::Toolkit. Note that CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff hasn't been …
(edit) @736   16 years Dominic Hargreaves More Google Maps tweaks.
(edit) @714   16 years Dominic Hargreaves Move references from to (closes #29).
(edit) @646   17 years Dominic Hargreaves copyright year update
(edit) @597   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Pedantry fix.
(edit) @596   17 years Dominic Hargreaves Documentation fixes
(edit) @458   18 years kake Update version, changes and credits ready for release. (couple more …
(edit) @359   18 years kake Added link to, moved Dom to the programmers section.
(edit) @335   18 years Earle Martin minor URL fixes in docs
(edit) @319   18 years Dominic Hargreaves Doc fixes: copyright date in README, TROUBLESHOOTING private dir advice.
(edit) @278   18 years Dominic Hargreaves Add documentation about multiple sites on one box, and about tidying …
(edit) @202   19 years kake Fixxored email addresses, bumped version number
(edit) @166   19 years kake More fixes for blank script_name
(edit) @105   19 years kake Fixed edit_conflict template and preview method to cope with stale …
(edit) @103   19 years kake Updated version numbers in docs
(edit) @85   19 years kake Bumped version number. Redid the script and template installation so …
(edit) @83   19 years kake Tidying in preparation for public release 0.04
(edit) @74   19 years kake Added authors to README
(edit) @72   19 years kake Improved docs a bit, moved install stuff out of README to INSTALL
(edit) @67   19 years kake Moved database questions to the top of the list, so they can be next …
(edit) @66   19 years kake Mentioned MySQL support and TROUBLESHOOTING file
(edit) @63   19 years kake Fixes up info for indexes directory
(edit) @57   19 years kake Added note on PREREQUISITES, added Search::InvertedIndex? to prereqs
(edit) @40   19 years kake Rewritten a bit and added some examples
(add) @39   19 years Ivor Williams Installation instructions
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