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(edit) @949   15 years Earle Martin Use skip_all for tests relying entirely on SQLite, instead of issuing …
(edit) @948   15 years Earle Martin Add dbport configuration option.
(edit) @947   15 years Earle Martin Update test count.
(edit) @946   15 years Earle Martin Add SQLite eval check; was failing if it wasn't installed.
(edit) @945   15 years Earle Martin Update skip count to correct figure.
(edit) @944   15 years Earle Martin Fix warnings about redeclared variables.
(edit) @943   15 years Earle Martin Update test count to fix unexpected successes.
(edit) @942   15 years kake Split out "modules" from into separate templates - …
(edit) @941   15 years kake Add config option to omit recent changes from home page (ticket #187).
(edit) @940   15 years kake Let people specify username, comment, and edit_type in …
(edit) @939   15 years kake Stop tests dying when Test::HTML::Content not installed (ticket #186).
(edit) @938   15 years kake Whoops, forgot to add tests to manifest/svn.
(edit) @937   15 years kake Let people add name of copyright holder, licence URL, and info page …
(edit) @936   15 years kake Fix #184 - make Build.PL treat the absence of Config::Tiny more gracefully.
(edit) @935   15 years kake Make the summary show up in the edit preview, and add a test to make …
(edit) @934   15 years kake Fix copy/paste Pod error (sorry).
(edit) @933   15 years kake Add MAP_LINK and INCLUDE_NODE macros (ticket #100).
(edit) @932   15 years kake Fix Pod in - you need blank lines between Pod directives …
(edit) @931   15 years kake Sorry, I messed up slightly in [928] - all should be well now.
(edit) @930   15 years kake Allow Guide admins to control the content of autocreated nodes (#47).
(edit) @929   15 years kake Add t/42_edit_conflict.t - should have gone into reviesion 928.
(edit) @928   15 years kake Write tests for and fix bugs #48 and #173; in the process, move …
(edit) @927   15 years kake closes 178, Make sure that autocreated category nodes with hyphens in …
(edit) @926   15 years kake closes #177, Close the <p> tag in the license part of to …
(edit) @925   15 years kake Make sure we warn instead of dying if a guide asks for ping services …
(edit) @924   15 years kake If we haven't got DBD::SQLite, skip all tests from the start, rather …
(edit) @923   15 years Earle Martin Minor styling changes.
(edit) @922   15 years Earle Martin ellipses > exclamations
(edit) @921   15 years Earle Martin Add background color to body as reported at …
(edit) @920   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Version
(edit) @919   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Really.
(edit) @918   15 years Dominic Hargreaves don't duplicate stuff
(edit) @917   15 years Dominic Hargreaves More updates, ready for release today
(edit) @916   15 years Earle Martin Minor indenting fix.
(edit) @915   15 years Earle Martin Get rid of a warning about uninitialized value in eq.
(edit) @914   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Bump Wiki::Toolkit dep version
(edit) @913   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix problem with missing wiki.conf (#162).
(edit) @912   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Typo-fix
(edit) @911   15 years Earle Martin No need to concatenate, just interpolate.
(edit) @910   15 years Earle Martin Correct comment about TT vmethods.
(edit) @909   15 years Earle Martin Redesigned node history view a la MediaWiki?; upgraded Template prereq …
(edit) @908   15 years Earle Martin Fix hashref bug introduced by last commit.
(edit) @907   15 years Earle Martin Report Config::Tiny errors - closes #109. Now croaks if specified …
(edit) @906   15 years sheldon Don't set the content to be non-blank when a document isn't found. The …
(edit) @905   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Add NY, NY to home page
(edit) @904   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Document pipe URL workaround (closes #91)
(edit) @903   15 years nick Pass the output encoding to the wiki toolkit feeds stuff
(edit) @902   15 years Earle Martin Add meta keywords to output. Closes #129.
(edit) @901   15 years Earle Martin Don't display node summary on home page.
(edit) @900   15 years sheldon Send Last-modified header for feeds to apache in the right format, …
(edit) @899   15 years nick Add in skips if no Helmert Transform provider is found
(edit) @898   15 years nick Include the charset in the feeds, as we do with the pages
(edit) @897   15 years nick CGI->param() behaves differently on post and get, so if we have a post …
(edit) @896   15 years nick Give a useful message if we try and set moderation on an unknown node
(edit) @895   15 years Earle Martin Show node summary on node (closes #156). Added a new style id to …
(edit) @894   15 years nick Have a new config setting, dbencoding, which is pased onto wiki toolkit
(edit) @893   15 years nick Don't hard code in wiki.cgi, use the script_name config variable instead
(edit) @892   15 years sheldon Shouldn't test for "302 Moved", "302" is more robust.
(edit) @891   15 years sheldon Don't compare dates with <, as that will just compare the year, use …
(edit) @890   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Test commit again. Sorry.
(edit) @889   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Update month (this is mostly a test commit to reproduce a software …
(edit) @888   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Change mailing list address.
(edit) @887   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Display Google Maps by default now it's rather more mature and we have …
(edit) @886   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Allow a Google Maps URL to be pasted to provide the centre long,lat …
(edit) @885   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Link image to website and fix TABs (paulm)
(edit) @884   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Escape ? in regex (from paulm)
(edit) @883   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix test failures with no Geo::HelmertTransform?, (from paulm)
(edit) @882   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Helmert transform optional
(edit) @881   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Prepare for distributing with Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Ping support
(edit) @880   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Typo
(edit) @879   15 years Earle Martin Add the website!
(edit) @878   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Compile time fixes.
(edit) @877   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Geo::HelmertTransform? is now in CPAN, and required (closes #89)
(edit) @876   15 years Dominic Hargreaves use -> require so we don't have a hard dependency on this plugin.
(edit) @875   15 years nick Do URL right for pings, and write about it in the changelog
(edit) @874   15 years nick Add ping support
(edit) @873   15 years nick Do the dc.title correctly, include dc.publisher, and also output the …
(edit) @872   15 years nick Do the wgs84 convertion for the google maps page. Add tests for this …
(edit) @871   15 years nick Get the right URL in the test
(edit) @870   15 years nick Support doing Helmert Transforms as required, using the MySociety?
(edit) @869   15 years nick Fix space after licence name. References #132
(edit) @868   15 years nick Support the config flag http_charset, which sets a http charset header …
(edit) @867   15 years Dominic Hargreaves &/&amp; -> ;
(edit) @866   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Include deletion link in pending moderation page (closes #143)
(edit) @865   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Wrote this in a rush; actually make sense
(edit) @864   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Add UPGRADING (closes #95)
(edit) @863   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Oh the irony. Tab fix.
(edit) @862   15 years Dominic Hargreaves RecentChanges is not editable (closes #63)
(edit) @861   15 years Earle Martin Mention RDF autodiscovery link.
(edit) @860   15 years Earle Martin Retroformattical …
(edit) @859   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Provide feedback to users about moderation (closes #139)
(edit) @858   15 years Earle Martin Add <link rel="alternate"> pointer to RDF versions of editable pages.
(edit) @857   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Minor fixups
(edit) @856   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix bugs introduced by me (readd moderate variable, fix up template to …
(edit) @855   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Increment version number, and try to release today
(edit) @854   15 years Dominic Hargreaves New moderation stuff requires a newer Wiki::Toolkit
(edit) @853   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Temporary fix to make admin page not blow up on large guides: only …
(edit) @852   15 years Dominic Hargreaves More cleanups after nick in admin code: - remove unnecessary …
(edit) @851   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Actually install the new templates
(edit) @850   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Actually ask the new questions
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