OpenGuides Release Notes

The following table shows the major changes for all releases of the OpenGuides software. For full details, please consult the latest Changes file. Versions with "recommended upgrade" have important improvements that you would be advised to upgrade your installation to as soon as possible.

Latest Version
0.52 Google Maps support; various bugfixes and RDF improvements; SuperSearch renamed to Search. Recommended upgrade.
0.51 Change URL parameter for Recent Changes; new "create node?" message; new "summary" metadata field; raw output option for nodes; DOAP metadata in RSS; various RDF fixes; two search bugs fixed; various minor improvements and fixes. Recommended upgrade.
0.50 Fix the RSS feed, which had become broken.
0.49 Numerous RDF output enhancements; new "format=plain" option for node index listing; various template tweaks; sort wanted pages by number of links; new message informing you of redirection; prevent redirection loops. Recommended upgrade.
0.48 See version 0.49 - this version had a test failure.
0.47 Various template bugfixes, remove default city/country setting of London/UK, require latest version of CGI::Wiki to fix node deletion bug.
0.46 Template display bugfixes, fix a bug that allowed autocreation of locales and categories with trailing spaces in the name, more install time tests, updated feedback and bug tracking details.
0.45 Geolocation features now work worldwide! Recommended upgrade, especially for those outside the UK.
0.44 Increase search efficiency and speed - recommended upgrade.
0.43 Fix a template bug in 0.42.
0.42 Distance search code improvements, allow user-definable path to custom templates, replace use of CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Geocache with improved
0.41 Anti-robot tags for edit pages etc., improved install time options, option of custom templates, more semantic markup.
0.40 Improved Recent Changes output, template improvements, new RSS feeds for contributors, locales and categories.
0.39 Added option of using Plucene for site indexing.
0.38 Major improvements to search result ordering - recommended upgrade.
0.37 Minor bugfixes.
0.36 Various bugfixes, including prevention of rendering of arbitrary HTML in edit comments in node history view - recommended upgrade.
0.35 Bugfix related to change in 0.34 - recommended upgrade.
0.34 Allow deletion of individual node revisions to eliminate wiki spam.
0.33 Improved node history view; allow searching by distance from an arbitrary point; replace "Anonymous" with IP address; better <title> tags.
0.32 Change autocreation behaviour to prevent accidental creations (RFC 2616 9.1.1).
0.31 Greatly improved RDF output; template usability enhancements; allow embedding of RSS feeds; improved search results listings - recommended upgrade.
0.30 Node deletion facility; major template overhaul.
0.29 Improved diff output.
0.28 Add support for SQLite databases.
0.27 Search syntax improvements.
0.26 Various bugfixes.
0.25 Modify search to look in categories and locales.
0.24 Various bugfixes.
0.23 Template bugfix.
0.22 Various bugfixes.
0.21 Remove Makefile.PL again as not capable enough.
0.20 Fixed all contact addresses to go to OpenGuides-Dev.
0.19 Ability to mark edits as minor.
0.18 Makefile.PL for users.
0.17 Bugfix: recognise dbhost; example stylesheet.
0.16 Improved edit conflict handling; option to show lat/long as deg-min-sec.
0.15 Minor bugfixes.
0.14 Ability to find wanted pages.
0.13 New map metadata field.
0.12 OpenGuides::CGI for cookie handling etc.
0.11 New page maker script.
0.10 OpenGuides::Diff for node diff reports and OpenGuides::Template for handling Template Toolkit stuff.
0.09 OpenGuides::Utils for utility scripts.
0.08 Fuzzy title matching.
0.07 Autocreation of stub pages.
0.06 Support for MySQL in supersearch.cgi.
0.05 Support for non-local databases and fix for installation bug.
0.04 First public release.