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Nov 23, 2004, 11:19:36 PM (17 years ago)

Huge-ass pile of changes to make geo stuff work worldwide.

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     157  "What language will the site be in? (Please give an ISO language code.)"
     159eg "en" for English, "it" for Italian.
    157163  "What's the name of the node to use for the text formatting rules link?"
    162168might want to call the node "Text Formatting Examples", "Text
    163169Formatting Rules", "House Style" or whatever.
     172  "Distance calculation methods available are:
     173      1) British National Grid
     174      2) Irish National Grid
     175      3) UTM ellipsoid
     176   Which would you like to use?"
     178  (and if you choose UTM ellipsoid)
     179  "Which ellipsoid would you like to use? (eg 'Airy', 'WGS-84')"
     181See for how this all works.
     182A UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) ellipsoid maps latitude and
     183longitude to eastings and northings on a square grid, which allows
     184more accurate distance calculations within the guide.  The British and
     185Irish National Grids are scaled and parametrised versions of UTM
     186ellipsoids (Airy 1830 in the British case, Modified Airy in the Irish).
     188Please note that at the moment there is no provision for changing your
     189mind later about which ellipsoid to use, but it shouldn't be too hard
     190to write a conversion script so don't worry too much about picking the
     191wrong one.  However do note that once you've entered some location
     192data you should not change this value in the config file without running
     193some kind of converter.
     195If you decide to use the British or Irish National Grid, your users
     196will be able to choose between entering location data as lat/long
     197or as grid co-ordinates.
     199You must have Geography::NationalGrid::GB installed to use the British
     200National Grid, Geography::NationalGrid::IE to use the Irish National
     201Grid, and Geo::Coordinates::UTM to use a UTM ellipsoid.
    165204* Custom templates and CSS
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