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Nov 17, 2003, 12:15:12 AM (18 years ago)
Dominic Hargreaves

Add documentation about multiple sites on one box, and about tidying up
the URLs with mod_rewrite. Also updated obsolete pointer to grubstreet to
the London guide.

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    77consult the TROUBLESHOOTING file.
     9For details about installing multiple OpenGuides sites on a single
     10server, see further down this file.
     12* Basic installation
    1114Unpack the distribution (using for example 'tar' or 'WinZip'), and set
    124127might want to call the node "Text Formatting Examples", "Text
    125128Formatting Rules", "House Style" or whatever.
     131* Web server configuration
     133In order to let your web server serve up OpenGuides correctly, you will
     134have to tell it to recognise your installation directory as one
     135containing CGI scripts. However you can make your URLs nicer by
     136employing mod_rewrite as well. The following Apache configuration
     137directives show how:
     139        Alias /myguide /usr/lib/cgi-bin/myguide
     140        <Directory /usr/lib/cgi-bin/myguide>
     141            Options FollowSymLinks Indexes ExecCGI
     142            RewriteEngine on
     143            RewriteBase /myguide/
     144            RewriteRule ^$      wiki.cgi        [L]
     145        </Directory>
     146        Redirect /cgi-bin/myguide/
     148You will of course need to make the appropriate substitutions for
     149your site. You also need to make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled in
     150your web server before adding such a configuration. The final step in
     151this URL tidying is to tell OpenGuides that the main CGI script can be
     152assumed to be called from the root of the install directory; do this by
     153setting the script name to be empty in wiki.conf:
     155        # what do you want the script to be called?
     156        script_name =
     158Currently the Build script does not support this value, so you will
     159have to make sure that you fix this up after an upgrade.
     162* Multiple installations
     164If you want to run multiple OpenGuides sites on one machine, you can use
     165some tricks to make life easier. This isn't currently part of the official
     166install routine, but will generally work. In the rest of this section we
     167will assume that you already have a working OpenGuides install for a
     168single site.
     170Make a directory for the new site, and populate it with a set of symlinks
     171to the main installation directory (ie. for wiki.cgi, supersearch.cgi,
     172newpage.cgi, preferences.cgi, and the templates directory). wiki.conf
     173will not be a symlink, since this will differ from the original site.
     174In this case, simply copy the wiki.conf from the original install and
     175modify it in the obvious way; most importantly, by giving it a different
     176database name (we'll create the database in a moment). Don't forget to
     177set up a separate directory for indices for the new site.
     179Normally, the database is created by the installation process described
     180above; however since we only want one copy of the modules and CGI
     181programs, it isn't appropriate to run them again. So we will make use of
     182the utility program "cgi-wiki-setupdb" which is included with the
     183CGI::Wiki distribution. Documentation for this command can be found in
     184its man page; run this with the appropriate arguments to create the
     185new database.
     187Once the key step of setting up the datbase has been performed, and the
     188web server configured appropriately, the new site should be ready to go!
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