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    2121        <div style="text-align: center">
    2222                <div id="main_text">
    23                          <!-- ENTER SOME CONTENT!-->
    2624 <h1>OpenGuides Release Notes</h1>
    3937  </tr>
    40     <tr>
    42     <th scope="row" class="version_latest"><a name="0.52">0.52</a></th>
    43     <td class="version_details_grey_latest"><a href="http://maps.google.com/">Google Maps</a>
     39  <tr>
     40    <th scope="row" class="version_latest"><a name="0.70">0.70</a></th>
     41    <td class="version_details_grey_latest">Allow span, dl, dt, dd in page
     42      content; format external links with CSS; update to Leaflet version 0.4;
     43      meta descriptions for map/list index pages; @INDEX_LIST_NO_PREFIX
     44      macro.</td>
     45    <td class="release_links">
     46      <a href="http://cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/B/BO/BOB/OpenGuides-0.70.tar.gz">download</a>,
     47      <a href="https://metacpan.org/release/BOB/OpenGuides-0.70">view</a>,
     48      <a href="https://metacpan.org/source/BOB/OpenGuides-0.70/">browse</a></td>
     49  </tr>
     51  <tr>
     52    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.69">0.69</a></th>
     53    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Missing metadata output now
     54      alphabetised and viewable on a map; JavaScript fix for nodes with
     55      apostrophes in names.  Recommended upgrade.</td>
     56  </tr>
     58  <tr>
     59    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.68">0.68</a></th>
     60    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Fixes for map centering and
     61      zooming and for POST bug introduced in 0.66; preferences now default to
     62      never expiring.  Recommended upgrade.</td>
     63  </tr>
     65  <tr>
     66    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.67">0.67</a></th>
     67    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Switch from Google Maps to Leaflet;
     68      index on category and locale at same time; some build improvements;
     69      basic stylesheet installed in static directory; JSON fixes; hide IP
     70      addresses if admin option switched off; improve website display
     71      truncation; preferences page remembers where you came from; recent
     72      changes bugfix; fix test warnings.  Recommended upgrade.</td>
     73  </tr>
     75  <tr>
     76    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.66">0.66</a></th>
     77    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Username variable passed to
     78      all templates; node name parameters in URL can have spaces instead of
     79      underscores; new CSS classes exposing categories and locales; use
     80      Geo::Coordinates::OSGB/ITM instead of Geography::NationalGrid; collapse
     81      whitespace in names of autocreated categories/locales; add a default
     82      template for autocreated content; ensure the show_missing_metadata
     83      action skips redirects.  Recommended upgrade.</td>
     84  </tr>
     86  <tr>
     87    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.65">0.65</a></th>
     88    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">POD fixes; suppress revision info
     89      and return HTTP 404 for nodes that don't exist; improved tests;
     90      read-only option for non-editable guides.</td>
     91  </tr>
     93  <tr>
     94    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.64">0.64</a></th>
     95    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Build fixes; POD fixes;
     96      metadata discovery; more JSON; website URL validation/truncation;
     97      default database is now SQLite; CPAN shell install fixes; admin links
     98      for navbar; node image moved outside metadata div; IP whitelist for
     99      moderated nodes; search pagination fixes.</td>
     100  </tr>
     102  <tr>
     103    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.63">0.63</a></th>
     104    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Major overhaul of RDF output;
     105      Universal Edit Link button; Google Analytics updates.</td>
     106  </tr>
     108  <tr>
     109    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.62">0.62</a></th>
     110    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Allow wikilinks in change
     111      summaries; local IP blacklisting; omit redirect pages from search
     112      results; include map links in RDF output; hide old node versions from
     113      search engines; add signal handlers for cleanups.</td>
     114  </tr>
     116  <tr>
     117    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.61">0.61</a></th>
     118    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Local spam detection modules;
     119      alternative database ports; respect redirect=0; fixes for unknown
     120      actions; CSS hook for nonexistent node message; validate input geodata;
     121      list all node contributors in RDF; fix geocache pref; template tweaks
     122      for common categories/locales; email notifications for edits to
     123      moderated nodes; IP addresses for non-anonymous edits in recent changes;
     124      OpenSearch description and autodiscovery; machine-readable link to
     125      licence.</td>
     126  </tr>
     128  <tr>
     129    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.60">0.60</a></th>
     130    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">New parameters and macro for
     131      action=random; edit page now uses divs instead of tables; change order
     132      of things on edit page; "revision N" and "last edited" links in navbar;
     133      internal refactorings re RDF and random page functionality; config option
     134      for omitting category/locale pages from random page selection; CSS hooks
     135      for new page form.</td>
     136  </tr>
     138  <tr>
     139    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.59">0.59</a></th>
     140    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Move preview_node() and edit_node()
     141      into OpenGuides.pm; remove edit_conflict.tt template; ensure config
     142      object passed to all templates; more test utilities for OpenGuides::Test;
     143      allow templating of autogenerated nodes; info fields for node images;
     144      new divs in the HTML; config options to omit recent changes from home
     145      page, to place content above navbar in HTML, to suppress inline maps on
     146      individual nodes, and to include Google Analytics; bugfixes for edit page
     147      and build process; admin function to revert changes by given user/IP.
     148      </td>
     149  </tr>
     151  <tr>
     152    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.58">0.58</a></th>
     153    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Bugfixes for features
     154      introduced in 0.57; more RDF stuff; redesign of page history view;
     155      new UPGRADING file; charset header and dbencoding config variables;
     156      ping support; Helmert transforms for British National Grid users.
     157      Recommended upgrade.</td>
     158  </tr>
     160  <tr>
     161    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.57">0.57</a></th>
     162    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">New admin functions; more
     163      Atom and RSS feeds; deprecate Search::InvertedIndex backend and
     164      recommend Plucene instead.</td>
     165  </tr>
     167  <tr>
     168    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.56">0.56</a></th>
     169    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Fix bug with Atom/RSS feeds
     170      getting mixed up.</td>
     171  </tr>
     173  <tr>
     174    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.55">0.55</a></th>
     175    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">New feeds; switch to
     176      Wiki::Toolkit instead of CGI::Wiki (same code under a new name).</td>
     177  </tr>
     179  <tr>
     180    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.54">0.54</a></th>
     181    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2">Fix for website display bug
     182      introduced in 0.53.</td>
     183  </tr>
     185  <tr>
     186    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.53">0.53</a></th>
     187    <td class="version_details" colspan="2">Fixes for mod_perl; new "About"
     188      screen; HTML meta descriptions; Google Maps API upgrade; bugfix for
     189      empty category/locale lists; more anti-spam measures.</td>
     190  </tr>
     192  <tr>
     193    <th scope="row" class="version"><a name="0.52">0.52</a></th>
     194    <td class="version_details_grey" colspan="2"><a href="http://maps.google.com/">Google Maps</a>
    44195        support; various bugfixes and RDF improvements; SuperSearch renamed to Search. Recommended
    45196            upgrade.</td>
    46     <td class="release_links">
    47 <a href="http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/D/DO/DOM/OpenGuides-0.52.tar.gz">download</a>,
    48 <a href="http://search.cpan.org/dist/OpenGuides-0.52">view</a>,
    49 <a href="http://search.cpan.org/src/DOM/OpenGuides-0.52/">browse</a></td>
    50197  </tr>
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