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3<div class="news_date">
4August 27, 2012
7<p>Version 0.70 of OpenGuides was released yesterday.  The changes
8include an upgrade to version 0.4 of the Leaflet mapping library; this
9was done in order to allow use of <a
10href="">Pavel Shramov's
11Leaflet plugins</a> (in particular, the Google satellite view plugin
12used on <a href="">the Completists'
13Guide to Croydon</a>).</p>
15<p>The other main changes are to do with formatting and display of
16node content.  External links are now given a class of "external",
17rather than being formatted with hardcoded square brackets.  New
18elements are allowed in page content: span, dl, dt, and dd.  Finally,
19a new macro has been added &#8212; @INDEX_LIST_NO_PREFIX &#8212; which
20gives a list of things in a given category or locale but leaves off
21the "Category" or "Locale" prefix for any subcategories/sublocales in
22that list.</p>
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