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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
examples 337   18 years Earle Martin Added two new classes for form labels and hidden items.
lib 448   18 years kake Moved Dom's name to programmers section.
t 450   18 years kake Make sure we have a clear db before starting.
templates 447   18 years kake Sensible title for things_within_distance
Build.PL 9.6 KB 433   18 years kake Add version dependency on diff plugin to avoid newline bug.
Changes 14.4 KB 445   18 years kake Fixed bug in diff view - versions are the right way round now!
INSTALL 7.3 KB 351   18 years Dominic Hargreaves Trivial spelling fix.
MANIFEST 1.4 KB 440   18 years kake Fixed HTML escaping bug, added test.
newpage.cgi 2.2 KB 336   18 years Earle Martin Added language code to questions in Build.PL and TT vars in scripts.
preferences.cgi 2.3 KB 414   18 years kake Added preference for default edit type.
PREREQUISITES 833 bytes 449   18 years kake Bumped version number.
README 1.8 KB 359   18 years kake Added link to, moved Dom to the programmers section.
README.CSS 6.6 KB 438   18 years Dominic Hargreaves Add README.CSS. Use it!
supersearch.cgi 275 bytes 342   18 years Earle Martin Make shebang conform in supersearch.cgi. Update to Changes.
TROUBLESHOOTING 2.5 KB 346   18 years Earle Martin tidied a little
wiki.cgi 14.3 KB 446   18 years kake Bumped version number.
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