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Split out "modules" from into separate templates - navbar_*.tt - to make it easier for people to change their order in a custom template.

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1<div class="navbar_group_title">Tools:</div>
4  <li><a href="[% full_cgi_url %]?action=rc">Recent Changes</a></li>
5  <li><a href="newpage.cgi">Create New Page</a></li>
6  <li><a href="[% full_cgi_url %]?action=random">Random Page</a></li>
7  <li><a href="[% full_cgi_url %]?action=show_wanted_pages">Wanted Pages</a></li>
8  [% IF geocache_link AND latitude AND longitude %]
9    <li><a href="[% latitude %];origin_long=[% longitude %]">Look for nearby geocaches</a></li>
10  [% END %]
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