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Rewrote the HTML of the edit page to use <div>s instead of tables, and to be vaguely more sane in general.

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10.60    The edit form now uses stylable <div>s rather than tables.  You will
2        probably want to provide at least basic styling for these.
40.59    Some CSS was altered; you should check and update your stylesheets.
5        See README.CSS for details.
6        Common categories and locales were moved within the navbar
80.58    No major changes
100.57    Search::InvertedIndex is deprecated; please use Plucene instead.
120.55    Wiki::Toolkit required instead of CGI::Wiki.
140.52    supersearch.cgi is now just search.cgi, so please update templates
15        as appropriate, and consider adding an HTTP redirect to keep old
16        links working.
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