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1OpenGuides Version 0.03
4This distribution contains the OpenGuides wiki software. It requires:
6 - Module::Build for installation
7 - other prerequisite modules as detailed in PREREQUISITES
8 - a webserver (such as Apache)
9 - a Postgres database dedicated to the OpenGuides installation
11Unpack the distribution (using for example 'tar' or 'WinZip'), and set
12your working directory to be the top level of the distribution, then
13execute the following commands:
15perl Build.PL
16perl Build
17perl Build test
18perl Build install
20The very first of these commands asks a number of questions regarding
21the installation.
23"What do you want the script to be called?"
25The default is for the main script to be called "wiki.cgi", but
26you may prefer to name it after your city - "leeds-guide.cgi" for
27example.  Note that your webserver may be configured to only allow
28execution of scripts ending in, for example, ".cgi"
30"What directory should I install it in?"
32You need to pick a directory for the OpenGuides software to be
33installed in.  This must be one known to the webserver as containing
34CGI scripts.  You will need to have write permission on this directory
35when you come to run "perl Build install"; unless this is a private
36directory belonging to you then this might require an 'su' or 'sudo'
37to root under Unix.
39"What URL does the install directory map to?"
41Give the full address needed to access the installation directory with
42a web browser - for example
44"What directory can I use to store indexes in for searching?"
46You need a directory to store files used as indexes for the site. The
47webserver will need write permission on this directory.  Under some
48webserver configurations this might be a dedicated user - 'nobody' or
49'www-data' for example, but for many multi-user systems this will just
50be yourself.
52"What's the URL of the wiki's stylesheet?"
54Supplying an answer to this question is optional.  TODO - supply and
55optionally install a simple stylesheet with the OpenGuides distribution.
57"What's the name of the postgres database that this site runs on?"
58"And the database user that can access that database?"
59"And the password that they use to access the database?"
61You should create (or ask your ISP/sysadmin to create) a Postgres
62database specifically for the use of OpenGuides.  If you have more
63than one OpenGuides installation, for example if you run guides for
64more than one city, each installation will need its own database.
66TODO - support MySQL and SQLite as well (this is really going to be
67pretty trivial).
69"What's the wiki called?"
71This is a title which will appear at the top of every page.
73"What should the home page of the wiki be called?"
74"How would you describe the wiki?"
75"What city is the wiki based in?"
76"What country is the wiki based in?"
77"Contact email address for the wiki admin?"
79Self explanatory.
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