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2    OpenGuides - A complete web application for managing a
3    collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
6    The OpenGuides software provides the framework for a
7    collaboratively-written city guide. It is similar to a wiki but provides
8    somewhat more structured data storage allowing you to annotate wiki
9    pages with information such as category, location, and much more. It
10    provides searching facilities including "find me everything within a
11    certain distance of this place". Every page includes a link to a
12    machine-readable (RDF) version of the page.
[597]15    UTF8 data are currently not handled correctly throughout.
[736]16    Google Maps points will display offset when using British and Irish
17    National Grid input systems.
[596]19    Other bugs are documented at
[714]20    <>
[166]22SEE ALSO
[596]23    *, the first and biggest OpenGuides site.
24    *, with a list of all live OpenGuides installs.
25    * CGI::Wiki, the Wiki toolkit which does the heavy lifting for
26    OpenGuides
29    If you have a question, a bug report, or a patch, or you're interested
30    in joining the development team, please contact
[202]31 (moderated mailing list, will reach all
[166]32    current developers but you'll have to wait for your post to be approved)
[596]33    or file a bug report at
[714]34    <>
[202]37    The OpenGuides Project (
[736]40         Copyright (C) 2003-2006 The OpenGuides Project.  All Rights Reserved.
[166]42    The OpenGuides distribution is free software; you can redistribute it
43    and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
[458]46    Programming by Dominic Hargreaves, Earle Martin, Kake Pugh, and Ivor
[596]47    Williams. Testing and bug reporting by Billy Abbott, Jody Belka, Kerry
48    Bosworth, Simon Cozens, Cal Henderson, Steve Jolly, and Bob Walker
49    (among others). Much of the Module::Build stuff copied from the Siesta
50    project <>
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