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[504]1It is not recommended that you amend the supplied templates - they
2contain logic and therefore can have bugs, they may have new features
3added in the future and so on.
5From OpenGuides 0.41, some of the supplied templates will optionally
[530]6call out to other template fragments that you can put in a custom template
7path (by default custom-templates/). If custom templates do not exist then
8sensible default wording will be used instead.
[530]10The names of all custom templates will be prefixed with custom_.
[504]12The custom templates currently supported are:
[530]14 -
[504]15   Will be included at the top of the page editing form.
[530]17 -
[504]18   Will be included in a <div id="footer"> at the base of every page.
19   You may wish to take advantage of the supplied TT variables
20     - [% delete_link %]
21       Will supply a link to delete the page, if and only if your
22       wiki.conf has deletion turned on.
23     - [% openguides_version %]
24       Contains the version of OpenGuides that your site is running on.
[530]26 -
[507]27   Will be included in a <div id="banner"> at the top of every page.
28   You may wish to take advantage of the supplied TT variables
29    - [% site_name %]
30      Contains the value supplied in wiki.conf as the name of the site.
[713]32 -
33   Will be included just below the main wiki content in
[504]35Requests for further custom inserts are welcomed.
[596]37If you include your own versions of other (non custom_) templates in
38custom-templates they will override the installed files, and this may
39cause you problems. We would much rather that you let us know what we could
40do to make your customisations possible within custom_ templates.
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