Editing the provided templates is strongly discouraged -- the templates contain logic as well as formatting, and hence can contain bugs and/or features, which may be fixed/added to in future releases. There are, however, 2 ways to customise the templates your OpenGuides install uses. One is to use the 4 "custom" templates detailed below, which get included into appropriate places in the main templates. These cover the main things people have wanted to customise so far -- see below for details. The other is to, in the directory named for "custom templates" in wiki.conf, place modified templates with the same names as the existing ones -- these modified templates will override the default templates. Then, when the software is upgraded and the templates have changed, you can simply merge the changes into your custom templates.

From CUSTOMISATION in the main distribution:

The custom templates currently supported are:

  • Will be included at the top of the page editing form.
  • Will be included in a <div id="footer"> at the base of every page. You may wish to take advantage of the supplied TT variables
  • [% delete_link %] Will supply a link to delete the page, if and only if your wiki.conf has deletion turned on.
  • [% openguides_version %] Contains the version of OpenGuides that your site is running on.
  • Will be included in a <div id="banner"> at the top of every page. You may wish to take advantage of the supplied TT variables
  • [% site_name %] Contains the value supplied in wiki.conf as the name of the site.
  • Will be included just below the main wiki content in

Requests for further custom inserts are welcomed.

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