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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
examples 1162   10 years Dominic Hargreaves Install signal handlers in and CGI scripts to allow …
lib 1392   6 years bob bump version numbers and update copyright on changed modules.
static 1385   6 years kake Use fitBounds to do map index zoom; also, only load OSM layer by …
t 1386   6 years kake Fixed <title> on map index.
templates 1387   6 years kake Added message in place of map for people without JavaScript?.
Build.PL 16.3 KB 1390   6 years bob fix meta information so a dist can be created.
Changes 40.8 KB 1393   6 years bob Give release a data in the changes file
CONTRIBUTORS 349 bytes 1246   9 years Dominic Hargreaves add CONTRIBUTORS
CUSTOMISATION 2.3 KB 966   11 years kake Add support for custom template to add to page <head> (ticket #191).
INSTALL 18.7 KB 1348   6 years kake Use the basic OpenGuides stylesheet if they don't supply a URL in …
MANIFEST 4.1 KB 1382   6 years bob renumber tests and a test template. Update MANIFEST to reflect this. …
newpage.cgi 2.7 KB 1313   6 years kake Removed trailing whitespace that's been annoying me for ages.
preferences.cgi 2.0 KB 1377   6 years kake Made the prefs page return the user to the place they came from (fixes …
README 2.0 KB 888   11 years Dominic Hargreaves Change mailing list address.
README.CSS 16.5 KB 1375   6 years kake Added a few more CSS hooks to the edit form, also added anchor link to …
README.GMAPS 2.8 KB 1336   6 years kake Added support for using Leaflet instead of the Google Maps API.
search.cgi 384 bytes 1313   6 years kake Removed trailing whitespace that's been annoying me for ages.
TROUBLESHOOTING 1.5 KB 1129   10 years Earle Martin The section about installing into a private directory really belongs …
UPGRADING 1.2 KB 1101   11 years Dominic Hargreaves Add note about [1086]
wiki.cgi 15.6 KB 1357   6 years kake Bump version in wiki.cgi
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